The settlement is located on the southern coast of the Gulf of Trieste, between the cities of Piran and Koper. It has a core on a small limestone peninsula. A small seaside town has grown up on the former island.

Today, Izola stretches from the industrial area in the hinterland of Viližan Bay in the northeast, called "Polje", through the neighborhood of apartment blocks and houses "Livade" and the marina Izola to the tourist area along Simon's Bay in the southwest. Izola also includes the hamlets of Prove, Viližan, Rikovo and Kanolo. On the hill between Izola and Koper's Žusterna is the Izola Regional General Hospital with the Izola Emergency Center.

Numerous events and events take place in Izola, such as the Wine and Olive Festival, the Fishermen's Day, the Kino Otok, the Pedoč Days, the Orange Wine Festival…

You can walk along the well-kept footpath by the sea past Marina Izola to Simon's Bay and climb the nearby Belvedere Hill, which offers a unique view of the entire Gulf of Trieste.

There is a well-maintained cycle path through Izola - Parenzana, which connects Izola with neighboring towns.

Representation: Sale
Size: 200.00m²
Price: 850,000 €
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Size: 1,741.00m²
Price: 490,000 €
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Land: 1,141.00m²
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Price: 1,700,000 €