Portorož, in all its charm and uniqueness, represents a modern tourist center on the Slovenian coast. In all its grandeur, it combines a rich cultural and historical heritage with the advantages of a modern tourist destination. Top hotels, excellent wellness services, well-kept beaches, congress facilities, trendy bars and clubs, excellent gastronomy are just a handful of Portorož features. Due to its many attractive contents and the abundance of interesting events, Portorož is an ideal choice for living both in the long term and in the short term.

The main natural features that characterize Portorož are: mild climate, lush vegetation, about 1-kilometer sandy beach and shallow, warm sea.

Since its inception, Portorož has been closely connected with the concepts of health resort and health. In 1897, Portorož was officially declared a health resort. Portorož has many luxurious villas from the time of Austria-Hungary, when Portorož was one of the most important health resorts in the region. guests from all over Slovenia and many European and world countries come to try their luck.

Near Portorož is the Sečovlje Salina Landscape Park with a wide range of attractions and a special Thalsso Spa center Lepa Vida. There is also a small international airport in the immediate vicinity of Portorož. The Secondary Maritime School, the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport of the University of Ljubljana and the College of Hospitality and Tourism are based in Portorož. Portorož has a total population of 2,928.

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